Robopod® Ultrasonic

Re-configurable Solution for Ultrasonic Welding

Pre-packaged ultrasonic welder modules offer quick-to-market economical, multi-point welding.

These standard flexible modules from the Robopod range can be quickly customised to suit a host of plastic welding applications.

The experienced engineers at Robopod have already supplied many machines for staking, spot welding, energy directors and hedge-hog weld preparation. Our team of experts can provide knowledge and experience to your plastics assembly projects.

Ultrasonic welding is a highly efficient way to permanently join plastic components together to form an assembly. High frequency energy is transferred through the sonotrode to vibrate the surfaces into a molten state in order to form a strong welded joint.

Robopod ultrasonic
Robopod ultrasonic
  • Fanuc or Staubi Robots
  • Full Safety Circuit
  • Rigid Industrial Fabricated Chassis
  • Pneumatics Kit
  • Full IPC / PLC Control
  • Podconnect Ready
  • 18 inch Full HD Multitouch HMI
  • Bolster Assembly for Inline Sonotrodes
  • Ultrasonic Generator
  • Ultrasonic Controls
  • Acoustic Guarding
  • Expert In-House Support
POD Size
  • 1110 x 1000 x 2100mm
  • 2100 x 2100 x 2100mm
  • 1500 x 1600 x 2100mm
  • Joining plastic components
  • Cleanly cutting a range of materials
  • Automotive & Aerospace Trims
  • Medical Dressings

Ultrasonic welding car trim

Ultrasonic welding car trim

Drawer position for load/unload

Drawer position for load unload

Bolster assembly with Inline Sonotrodes

Bolster Assembly

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