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Podconnect it’s an intelligent network for connect machines with a flow of information across your Robopod products. At the heart of every Robopod product is the same advanced IPC control system and beautiful 18” full HD Multitouch HMI.

In a modern manufacturing facility, connectivity and data have become an integral part of the machine. Smart factories are built from smart machines. That’s why Robopod has developed a control system that supports many of the industry standard protocols such as:

  • OPC UA – machine to machine protocol for industrial automation
  • SQLDatabase – Robopod can read and write data directly to your business systems
  • Ethernet/IP – world leading and widely adopted ethernet
  • Powerlink – fast and open OT level real-time Ethernet

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Industry 4.0 automation

The intuitive IPC control interface and networked data handling offers you industry 4.0 connectivity which may be viewed remotely via your PC, Smart Phone, or tablet device.

  • Advanced batch management
  • Full part traceability
  • Real time powerful data analytics
  • Connectivity with multiple pods
  • Real-time Ethernet
  • Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle integration and monitoring
Flexible Manufacturing

Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a technological bridge between your real world production environment and the digital realm of your Robopod machines, a living simulation.

Utilising the advanced functionality of Podconnect, a Digital Twin of your complete suite of Robopod, Tendapod, Stores and AMR’s can be created and displayed on your PC or smart device giving your real time data and analytics right at your fingertips.

For every second that the virtual copy of your environment is running, the system gets richer with data allowing you to work smarter not harder.

Benefits of a Digital Twin:

  • Single Source of Information
  • Control of Supply Chain Data with ERP Integration
  • Improved Performance Analytics
  • Improved Compliance Management
  • Reduced Risk, Time and Cost for Maintenance for your Assets
  • You Control Your Information
  • Realtime Tacking of WIP
  • Simplified Warranty, Depreciation, CAPEX Tracking of your Assets
  • Further Enhanced Environmental Efficiencies
  • Streamlined Operations and Processes
  • Remove Silos and Inefficiencies
  • Continuous Data-Driven Optimisation
Digital Twin

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