Tendapod XL Export For Medical CNC Milling

A Tendapod XL unit has been exported to Ireland, for a leading Medical Device manufacturer, where it will be used to automatically tend a CNC milling machine.

  • Automatic tending of a CNC milling machine
  • Keeping it fed with complex medical parts 24/7,
  • Providing full traceability of the parts
  • Connection to the customers MES, MRP and ERP systems
  • 21CFR pt11 compliant
Tendapod Medical Export

Tendapod XL

The XL is the largest machine in the Tendapod range and allows integration of multiple automated tending modules to work as one intelligent line; yet the compact footprint makes efficient use of floor space. 

For further information, rendering and full specifications, see 

Tendapod XL

Medical Device Manufacture

Medical devices has been a specific focus for Robopod, who have attended exhibitions such as “Medical Technology Ireland” in order to introduce the equipment to new buyers; who have recognised how quickly Robopod® can be commissioned, delivered, installed and put straight to work.

As a standard item, Robopod® is  readily available and quickly integrated within companies’ manufacturing and processing arrangements. The fact that it is reconfigurable makes it a good long term investment, as companies can retool or repurpose the system to evolve and grow if the needs of the business change – ideal for a fast-paced market like the medical sector.

Robopod’s engineers are fully conversant with the specific requirements that medical and pharmaceutical companies may have and their experience makes projects highly productive.

Systems are designed to integrate quickly and seamlessly into production and operations environments, making them a good choice for companies looking to improve efficiency, speed and accuracy in their processes.

Growth Of Automation Export

This project is a great illustration of how Robopod Ltd has increased its export business over recent years. The company has grown not only in the UK but also overseas, regularly exporting to clients in Europe, Asia and worldwide.

Robopod now has a range of machines which can be tailored for a vast array of applications.

What’s more, the after sales service is available worldwide. Robopod can provide support for machines on production sites throughout the world thanks to its global network and the latest diagnostic systems mean that much can be done remotely to assess problems and update software without any requirement for a call out or attendance. Our support engineers can also work with on-site engineers to guide any maintenance.


Robopod is the innovative reconfigurable system with a standardised platform for robotic applications, offering unrivalled performance. Endlessly adaptable to the client’s requirements, the potential uses for Robopod are 'only limited by imagination'; making a Robopod a versatile investment with potential for rapid payback.

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