Robopod Expands Premises To Meet Increased Demand

Robopod Expands PremisesBirmingham-based Robopod is expanding and has recently moved into a second unit to provide more space for manufacturing its advanced reconfigurable automation systems. 

Robopod is now occupying two units – 9 and 11 – on Crown Road at the Kings Norton Business Centre, Birmingham.

This move provides much needed additional floor space and storage to enable the company to increase production in order to meet the growth in demand for its automation machinery.

After a few years consistent growth, this year Robopod has seen an even more dramatic surge in enquiries for its Robopod systems, which offer clients the opportunity to quickly embrace the benefits of automation within their own production environments.

There are many good reasons why clients are looking for automation. Fast, reliable, repeatable and economic production has always been one of the main appeals. However, the new era of social distancing has added an additional perspective. Companies looking to reduce the handling of materials and minimise human interface and contact are seeing that automation provides a solution to those new challenges of making the workplace safe – as well as providing a payback where savings are made on production costs through increasing speed and minimising waste.

As a standardised platform, Robopod is available in a fraction of the time that would be required for bespoke systems, so delivery and implementation can be surprisingly quick. However, units are nonetheless highly customisable to suit the client’s specific operation requirements.

An added benefit is that Robopod can be reconfigured in the future. The machines are versatile and can be repurposed for a host of future requirements beyond the immediate here and now, making it a wise investment for companies.

Since the launch of the original Robopod, the offering has expanded and now encompasses 3 ranges:


Robopod is the innovative reconfigurable system with a standardised platform for robotic applications, offering unrivalled performance. Endlessly adaptable to the client’s requirements, the potential uses for Robopod are 'only limited by imagination'; making a Robopod a versatile investment with potential for rapid payback.

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